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Table 5 Rollout Training Program for ED providers

From: Evaluation of a shared decision-making intervention for pediatric patients with asthma in the emergency department

 Target AudienceTarget Audience
ED Providers
(Fellows, Residents, & Attendings)
Care Team
(Nurses, Health Techs)
Kick -Off and Program TrainingIncorporate this SDM training into part of standard asthma education training to include:
• Introductions
• Pediatric Asthma- Gaps and Opportunity
• Shared Decision Making
• Coach McLungsSM Introductions
• Asthma Refresh
• Inhaler Technique Practice
• Workflow & Implementation Overview
Presentations during certain target shifts to ensure nurses understand the goals to improve asthma care through shared decision making and Coach McLungsSM
Discuss how to identify target population, and how to initiate giving Coach McLungsSM to qualifying patients.
Go Live with Coach McLungsSMBegin implementation and debrief/troubleshoot at meetings mentioned above. Discussions to tailor the implementation will take place on a 6-monthly basis at the meetings described above. Discussion will include identified barriers, facilitators and implementation outcomes.