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Table 2 Timeline for designing and evaluating the BGE while including core element of the PARIHS framework

From: Development, implementation, and evaluation of a novel guideline engine for pediatric patients with severe traumatic brain injury: a study protocol

Year 1Years 1–2
PARIHS core elementsEvidenceContextFacilitation
ApproachBTF guidelines for the acute medical management of severe TBI in infants, children, and adolescentsAssessment of the ICU environment and culture1. Incorporation of the BTF guideline content into a computerized pathway
2. Linking the pathway to patient data (completes the BGE)
3. Evaluation of BGE initial acceptance, perceived benefit, challenges to use, and adoption potential (informs BGE design and adaptation)
4. Feasibility testing in simulation environment and real world practice (informs refinement of the BGE and design of future clinical trial)
Baseline bedside practice data collection, contextual evaluationEvaluation of unadapted and adapted technology