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Table 1 Coverage of MAPS Axes and Domains by Document Type and Country, proportion of sub-domains covered

From: Perceptions of factors influencing the introduction and adoption of electronic immunization registries in Tanzania and Zambia: a mixed methods study

  TanzaniaZambiaTanzania and Zambia
AxisDomainInternal reportsCommunication materialsInternal reportsCommunication materialsInternal reportsProject resources
GroundworkDomain 1. Parameters of scale4/43/44/43/43/44/4
Domain 2. Contextual environment3/31/32/31/32/33/3
PartnershipsDomain 4. Strategic engagement3/33/33/33/33/33/3
Domain 5. Partnership sustainability5/52/52/52/55/55/5
Financial healthDomain 7. Financial model0/30/30/30/30/33/3
Technology and architectureDomain 8. Data1/41/41/41/41/44/4
Domain 9. Interoperability2/20/22/20/22/22/2
OperationsDomain 11. Personnel1/20/20/20/21/22/2
Domain 12. Training and support3/41/43/42/40/44/4
Domain 13. Outreach and Sensitization0/20/20/20/21/22/2
Domain 14. Contingency planning0/20/20/20/20/22/2
Monitoring and evaluationDomain 15. Process monitoring2/30/32/30/30/33/3
Domain 16. Evaluation research7/71/77/71/72/77/7
  1. MAPS’ domains 3, 6, and 10 were excluded from the study