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Table 1 Mapping the RE-AIM framework to the study

From: Scaling-up an evidence-based intervention for osteoarthritis in real-world settings: a pragmatic evaluation using the RE-AIM framework

DomainDescription of domain and outcome metricOutcome measure(s) used
ReachIndividual level measure of participation.Number of participants and joint affected.
EffectivenessParticipants’ outcome or benefits received.KOOS/HOOS^ measuring levels of pain, activities of daily living and quality of life.
AdoptionSetting/location programme was adopted.Type of setting, provider and professional delivering the programme.
ImplementationFactors related to the implementation of the programme.Number of trained facilitators, facilitator feedback on programme implementation and delivery, self-reported compliance with core components, participant adherence
MaintenanceWhether the programme is maintained (or sustained) post implementation.Number of sites delivering ESCAPE-pain post-implementation
  1. ^Knee/Hip Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score