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Table 4 Survey responses

From: Barriers and strategies for implementing community-based interventions with minority elders: positive minds-strong bodies

Domains and questionsMedianIQR% Agree
Purpose and goals
 I understand the goals of the project11100
 I understand the purpose of delivering the intervention through a research study11100
 I understand how the intervention can be implemented in a community-based organization2187
 I think the outcomes that we hope to see for people involved in the intervention are appropriate1197
 My agency’s involvement in this project is improving our capacity to serve elders in our community1197
Roles and responsibilities
 I have a clear understanding of my responsibilities on the project2197
 I believe my responsibilities are appropriate1187
 I have adequate training to fulfill my responsibilities11100
 I have adequate time to fulfill my responsibilities21.2573
 There are systems in place to ensure that all partners are fulfilling their responsibilities in a timely manner21.2577
 I know whom to contact when I have a question about the project1193
Perceived impact
 My agency’s involvement will improve our ability to address the health and well-being of elders with disabilities1190
 The project has increased the capacity of staff at my agency to meet the complex needs of elders with disabilities2180
 Research activities help us understand the effectiveness of the intervention2197
 The benefits of being involved in this project are greater than the challenges1190
 I am confident that his intervention is useful to me and my agency1193
  1. Note. Likert Scale (from 1 to 5: 1 being strongly agree and 5 being strongly disagree with a do not know option