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Table 5 Summary of barriers and facilitators from focus group discussions

From: Barriers and strategies for implementing community-based interventions with minority elders: positive minds-strong bodies

ISF construct 
Delivery system  
Organizational levelStaff turnoverEmerged due to restructuring in MGH and NYU sites → Turnover in site leaders is particularly disruptive. CHW feel pressure to deliver intervention before training is done.
Not enough staff to implement intervention.
Turnover leads to challenge in keeping CBO staff engaged.
Balancing out labor demands with other full-time responsibilities in agency → burnout.
Support system  
Organizational levelTrainingMore guidelines regarding intervention adaptation and maintenance.
Academic partners should provide additional training on adapting intervention for long-term adoption.
Training would need to focus on how to maintain intervention fidelity while limiting data collection to only what is essential.
Organizational and community levelFundingUsing data for funding applications.
Set aside time.
Keep in mind different needs of sites.
Research staff may be able to provide some support in future after grant ends.