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Table 3 The 32 themes identified that facilitate or hinder the use of the EDWHAT in the ISLHD

From: Identifying facilitators and barriers to develop implementation strategy for an ED to Ward handover tool using behaviour change theory (EDWHAT)

Barriers TDF domain
Not supported by manager to complete handover Reinforcement
Not being face to face for handover means things get missed Beliefs about consequences
Doesn't make a difference to the handover I get Beliefs about consequences
ED staff don't use properly and don't like using it Social influence
Ward staff don't want to use it Social influence
Can't click out of the from to other part of the notes Environment
Duplication of processes Environment
Results in a focus on tick boxes and not the whole patient story Environment
Irrelevant content within the form Environment
Cumbersome Environment
Difficult to locate form in eMR Environment
Time restrictions—it takes too long Environment
Pt in transfer before hand over starts Environment
Unavailability or difficult location of computer Environment
Structure/flow is not intuitive Environment
More information is required than listed in the form Environment
Time pressure to move patients does not support handover Environment
Hard to remember to use Memory
Usefulness is user dependent Skills
Minimal use means unfamiliarity Skills
Has to be mutual agreement between ward and ED to complete Social/professional role
ED don't know their patient Social influences
Ensures completion of tasks Beliefs about consequences
Important for patient safety Optimism
Improves communication between ED and ward Beliefs about consequences
Improves continuity of care Beliefs about consequences
Provides evidence of handover Beliefs about consequences
Good systematic tool that ensures everything completed Beliefs about consequences
Prompts identification of issues Beliefs about consequences
Prompts sharing of the information needed for handover Beliefs about consequences
It's just part of what we do Social/professional role