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Table 3 Parent survey results: perceptions of referrals, resources, and delivery methods

From: Engaging stakeholders in the adaptation of the Connect for Health pediatric weight management program for national implementation

 n (%)
Referrals and resources for weight management 
Helpful referrals that a clinician has madea 
  Nutritionist/dietician122 (30.5)
  Weight management program or clinic76 (19.0)
  Other (i.e., Cooking classes, websites, apps)75 (18.7)
  YMCA or Boys & Girls Club52 (13.0)
  Specialist (i.e., gastroenterologist, endocrinologist)51 (12.8)
  None of the above193 (48.2)
Resources parents have found to be helpfulb
  Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) or Supplemental Nutritional Assistance program (SNAP)147 (36.8)
  Structured activity programs (i.e., dance, soccer)119 (29.8)
  Primary care provider89 (22.2)
  Nutritionist/dietician74 (18.5)
  School programs63 (15.8)
  YMCA or Boys & Girls Club54 (13.5)
  Weight management program or clinic47 (11.8)
  Other (i.e., websites, apps)42 (10.6)
  Farmer’s market or food bank36 (9.8)
  None of the above66 (16.5)
Parents’ preferences for resource delivery 
Delivery preference for an after-visit summary,n= 399 
  Printed at doctor’s office235 (58.9)
  Mailed home51 (12.8)
  Emailed51 (12.8)
  Sent using the Patient Portal (i.e., MyChart)40 (10.0)
  From a text that has a link to the after visit summary20 (5.0)
  Other2 (0.5)
Preferred way to receive educational handoutsb 
  Printed at doctor’s office232 (58.0)
  SMS text with link to handout190 (47.5)
  Emailed167 (41.8)
  Patient Portal75 (18.8)
  Text messaging app (i.e., WhatsApp)64 (16.0)
  Other (i.e., social media, website, app)68 (16.9)
Preference for delivery of behavior change content,n= 399 
  Text messages205 (51.4)
  Email123 (30.8)
  Other (i.e., WhatsApp, social media)71 (17.8)
  1. aParents could choose more than one response
  2. bParents could choose up to three responses