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Table 2 Definitions for implementation and sustainment outcomes for Gold Status Practices (GSP)

From: Implementation and sustainment of diverse practices in a large integrated health system: a mixed methods study

Implementation outcomes at 6 months Definition
 Implemented Teams who implemented all GSP components and achieved critical milestones.
 Partially implemented Teams who implemented some GSP components and achieved some but not all milestones.
 Not implemented Teams who completed initial implementation planning but did not implement any GSP components and did not achieve any critical milestones.
Anticipated sustainment outcome at 6 months Definition
 Sustainment anticipated Teams who anticipated sustaining all GSP components
 Sustainment challenges anticipated Teams who anticipated challenges might hinder sustainment of GSP components
Sustainment outcomes at approximately 1.5  years Definition
 Sustained Teams who sustained all GSP components
 Partially sustained Teams who sustained some GSP components
 Not sustained Teams who did not sustain any GSP components