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Table 6 Comparing implementation outcomes, anticipated sustainment, and sustainment outcomes of Gold Status Practicesa)

From: Implementation and sustainment of diverse practices in a large integrated health system: a mixed methods study

Implementation outcomes at 6 months Anticipated sustainmentb Sustainment outcomes at 1.5 yearsc Did anticipated sustainment align with reported sustainment?d
Sustainment anticipated Significant challenges anticipated Sustained Partially sustained Not sustained Yes No Total
Implemented (n = 16) 11e 5 11e 3 2 9 7 16
Partially implemented (n = 5) 4 1e 3 1e 1e 4 1 5
Not implemented (n = 6) 5 1e 4 2e 0e 5 1 6
Total 20 7 18 6 3 18 9 27
  1. a4 teams had missing data
  2. bBased on open-ended responses to the question, “How likely is it that the practice will continue to be used at your site?” at the end of the 6-month initial implementation period
  3. cBased on responses to emailed survey asking, “Is the Gold Status Practice still used at your facility? Why/why not?” 1.5 years after initial implementation period
  4. dBased on comparison of anticipated sustainment and reported 1.5-year sustainment. Coded as yes, if anticipated sustainment AND reported sustained use. Coded as no, if significant challenges anticipated AND reported 1.5-year partial sustainment or not sustained
  5. eTwo-way concordance of ratings/responses