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Table 2 Key intervention information

From: A digital mental health intervention to reduce depressive symptoms among overseas Filipino workers: protocol for a pilot hybrid type 1 effectiveness-implementation randomized controlled trial

Week Control group Intervention group
1 Baseline assessment Baseline assessment
2 Brief psychoeducation and referral Onboarding (introduction to the SbS-F mobile application)
3 Session 1: Get started (psychoeducation and trying small and pleasant activities)
4 Session 2: Get active (behavioral activation)
5 Session 3: Beat obstacles (more complex behavioral activation and relaxation)
6 Session 4: Get together (increasing social support)
7 Session 5: Keep it up (relapse prevention).
8 Endline assessment Endline assessment
20 Follow-up assessment Follow-up assessment
  1. Note. SbS-F Step-by-Step program (Filipino version)