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Table 3 Outcomes and time points of measurement following the SPIRIT guidelines

From: A digital mental health intervention to reduce depressive symptoms among overseas Filipino workers: protocol for a pilot hybrid type 1 effectiveness-implementation randomized controlled trial

Outcome Instrument Screening Baseline Monitoring Endline Follow-up
Week    1 3-7 8 20
Sociodemographic (age, education level, sex, marital status, occupation, years as OFW, years of worked in Macao, salary, visa status) Demographic questions x x    
Source of getting SbS-F information Demographic questions x     
Mental health care service history Demographic questions x x x x x
Intention to stay in Macao Demographic questions x x    
Smartphone ownership Demographic questions x x    
Internet access Demographic questions x x    
Contact details Demographic questions x     
Convenient contact times Demographic questions x     
Depression symptoms PHQ-9 x x x x x
Anxiety symptoms GAD-7   x   x x
Wellbeing WHO-5   x   x x
“Adoption” (RE-AIM) Questionnaires
Interviews and focus groups
x    x  
“Implementation” (RE-AIM) Questionnaires
Interviews and focus groups
“Maintenance” (RE-AIM) Questionnaires
Interviews and focus groups
  1. Note. GAD-7 Generalized Anxiety Disorder-7, OFW overseas Filipino worker, PHQ-9 Patient Health Questionnaire, RE-AIM Reach, Efficacy/Effectiveness, Adoption, Implementation, and Maintenance framework, SbS-F Step-by-Step program (Filipino version), WHO-5 WHO-5 Wellbeing Index