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Table 3 Role of the implementers and the research group in the Tika Vaani intervention

From: Implementation fidelity and acceptability of an intervention to improve vaccination uptake and child health in rural India: a mixed methods evaluation of a pilot cluster randomized controlled trial

Actors Role
Implementers Field staff Conduct a series of 4 community meetings:
- A large group introductory meeting to inform the purpose the intervention and encouraging participation; to promote the Tika Vaani intervention by painting the logo, and telephone number on village walls and distribute pamphlets (sheets) and stickers containing the Tika Vaani phone number.
-Three small group meetings held at monthly intervals to discuss the themes assigned for each meeting in order to assess the interest, acceptability, and understandability of the information capsules and comprehension and retention of key messages.
Research group Field staff coordinator
Intervention coordinator
- Monitor the progress of activities carried out in the field
- Provide technical support.
-Interactive voice -response (IVR) system coordinator - Monitor the progress of information capsules delivered
- Provide technical support.