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Table 3 Percentage and number of respondents agreeing to the statements about facilitators and barriers

From: A structured mixed method process evaluation of a randomized controlled trial of Individual Placement and Support (IPS)

Facilitators for participation Yes n Barriers for participation Yes n
It was helpful that progress was quicker than other vocational services 65% 77 Progress was made too quickly 13% 76
Knowing the IPS specialist was available was helpful 92% 77 It was too time-consuming 9% 77
The action steps along the way were specific, and this was helpful 79% 76 I had challenges with my IPS specialist 8% 76
Freedom of disclosure was helpful 92% 76 My illness was a barrier 43% 77
The support plan I made with the IPS specialist when I got a job was helpful 52% 64 IPS was not what I expected 17% 77
The regular follow-up from the IPS specialist in the job search was helpful 79% 72 Getting to the different places (to meet employers or IPS specialist) 9% 76