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Table 1 Example key insights, opportunity areas, and solutions and workflows

From: Applying human-centered design to maximize acceptability, feasibility, and usability of mobile technology supervision in Kenya: a mixed methods pilot study protocol

Example key insights Example opportunity areas Example solutions/workflows
Sending video-recorded role plays over WhatsApp may be helpful when in-person supervision is not possible How might we structure video role playing to ensure maximum benefit? Lay counselors will conduct role plays together; Supervisors will communicate what content they would like role played before.
WhatsApp use may be limited in communities without strong network connection How might we build workarounds to ensure messages can be sent in poorer connection areas? The lay counselor with best connection at home or on their commute will be tasked with sending the role play asynchronously
Counselors often turn off their data connection when not in use How might we ensure counselors can access data when necessary without spending data when not necessary? Lay counselors and supervisors will pre-select times during each day where they plan to turn on data and send communications