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Table 1 Participating sites, practice type, clinic type (general rheum, lupus), location, # lupus patients, site PIs, and region

From: Implementing the DEcision-Aid for Lupus (IDEAL): study protocol of a multi-site implementation trial with observational, case study design

Name Practice Type of clinic Location # lupus pts Site PI Region
1. Washington U, St. Louis Private General rheum Suburban > 200 A. Kim Mid-west
2. Ohio State U, Columbus Academic Rheum/renal Urban 185 A. Meara Northeast
3. Loyola University, Chicago Private General rheum Suburban 500 Z. Aouhab Mid-west
4. Vanderbilt U, Nashville Academic Lupus/renal Urban > 400 N. Annapureddy South
5. UCLA, Los Angeles Academic General rheum Urban 400–600 M. McMahon West
6. Medical U South Carolina, Charleston Academic Lupus Urban > 1000 D. Kamen South
7. Baylor University, Houston Academic Lupus Urban 300 K. Bhairavarasu South
8. Emory University, Atlanta Academic Lupus Urban > 300 S. Lim South
9. Northwestern University, Chicago Academic General rheum Urban 200–250 R. Ramsey-Goldman Mid-west
10. Northwell Health, Long Island, NY Private General rheum Suburban 500–600 S. Narain Northeast
11. U of Mississippi, Jackson Academic General rheum Urban 300–350 V. Majithia South
12. UCSD, San Diego Academic Lupus Urban 550 K. Kalunian West
13. U of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Hybrid Lupus Urban 700 W. Chatham South
14. Cedars-Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles Private General rheum Suburban 500 S. Venuturupalli West
15. U of Chicago, Chicago Academic General rheum Urban 200–300 K. Trotter Mid-west