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Table 4 Summary of Aim 2 data collection from the research team (orange), all practice members (blue) and patients (purple)

From: Implementing the DEcision-Aid for Lupus (IDEAL): study protocol of a multi-site implementation trial with observational, case study design

  1. aAt least 35 patients (Pt.) per practice @16 practices; EMR, electronic medical record; IV and DV, independent and dependent variables; DA, decision-aid
  2. boutcomes are validated; cUse Active Patient Participation Coding Scheme, a validated way to assess indicators and facilitators of patient participation [48]; DCS, 10-item; IPC, 18-item; CPS, 2-item; Acceptability, 8-item; Feasibility, 6-item; Satisfaction, 1-item; PDM, 10-item