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Table 1 Tobacco treatment program types offered at each site

From: Mixed-methods economic evaluation of the implementation of tobacco treatment programs in National Cancer Institute-designated cancer centers

Site Site In-person counseling Telephone-based counseling Point of care Interactive voice response system Referral to quitline Smokefree TXT Web resource (e.g., Cessation medications
8a 1a    
14a 2a
15b 3b       
5a 4a       
6a 5a   
12b 6b   
7a 7a        
1a 8a     
11b 9b  
4a 10a        
2a 11a     
10b 12b    
13b 13b      
9a 14a     
3a 15a     
  1. aCohort 1 site (2017–2019)
  2. bCohort 2 site (2018–2020)