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Table 1 Critical issues in implementing screening: themes, sub-themes, quotes, and original codes

From: Using qualitative and participatory methods to refine implementation strategies: universal family psychosocial screening in pediatric cancer

Theme Subtheme Exemplar quote
Engage providers by framing psychosocial screening as an opportunity for more efficient and effective practice.a Enhances the quality of both medical and psychosocial outcomes “That’s always the key to the clinical team – is providing the highest quality care – especially if you can do it more efficiently. And I just – I think that’s gotta be part of the messaging to ensure uptake and sustainable uptake.” (Provider)
Set clear expectations about the importance of screening 100% of children and their families to achieve the goal of achieving universal screening, equity of care, and reduction of disparities. b Becomes normalized as part of care “So, what are you going to say, some families aren’t deserving of it? No, 100 percent. Are there operational barriers to getting it? Sure. But don’t concede out of the box that you’re not going to get 100 percent.” (Parent)
Adapt successful strategies for systematic implementation of screening to ensure optimal engagement with children and their families throughout their care.c Involves developing/refining capacity for screening (e.g. systems, staff, technical), communication flow within the healthcare team, and capacity for assessing community resources “You’ve got to have a change in workflow. You’ve really got to have a champion.”
  1. aOriginal codes: Strategy I: key points to include are getting the attention of busy clinicians and family-oriented
  2. bOriginal codes: What might be confusing are additional information needed, assure consist use, all families included, equity issues, and tailoring implementation strategies
  3. cOriginal codes: Strategies I and II: results translated into interventions specific to the needs of the family, screening champions, telephone calls, technical support, resources, communication, and translation-oriented