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Table 2 Top five barriers and facilitators across all four stakeholder groups (n=19) (based-on barrier and facilitator codes)

From: Using qualitative and participatory methods to refine implementation strategies: universal family psychosocial screening in pediatric cancer

Barriers (# of stakeholders) Facilitators (# of stakeholders)
1. Having staff of services to address identified needs (13)a 1. Enhancing quality care to patients and families (11)a
2. Communicating results to family (14)a 2. Facilitates communication with the family/engages the family (9)a
3. Support for the idea of screening from your medical team (8)a 3. Promotes positive medical and psychosocial outcomes (7)a
4. Time required to use the PAT (6) 4. Facilitates communication among staff (6)
Facilitates clinical care (6)
Reduces health disparities (6)
5. Identifying a champion (5)
Language/cultural considerations (5)
5. Assures no families are excluded (4)
  1. aPrioritized in top 3 by all stakeholder groups