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Table 3 Example of definitions required to code TDF domains

From: Comparing inductive and deductive analysis techniques to understand health service implementation problems: a case study of childhood vaccination barriers

Domain Construct Notes on decision making
Environmental Context and Resources (any circumstance of a person’s situation or environment that discourages or encourages the development of skills and abilities, independence, social competence and adaptive behaviour) Environmental stressors Role of media
Resources/material resources Cost issues, lack of supply
Organisational culture/climate How clinic is managed (e.g. appointment time)
Salient events/critical incidents Specific adverse event/illness in past
Person x Environment Interaction Inconvenience to specific parent (e.g. location)
Barriers and facilitators General access factors/catch all for ‘other’
  1. Note: there were 14 domains and 84 constructs. Coders CB and JT made notes on their decisions about how the construct was to be applied ot the data, with examples above and full notes in Appendix