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Table 2 Data collection activities for developing and evaluating the fiscal mapping process

From: Coordination of sustainable financing for evidence-based youth mental health treatments: protocol for development and evaluation of the fiscal mapping process

Activity Measures Participants Time Compensation Relevant aimsa
Web survey #1 (months 1–3)    20–30 min $30  
Delphi Round 1 All, separately    Aim 1a
Feedback on compilation of financing strategiesb All, separately    Aims 1b, 2a
ICS, AFSS Service agency reps    Aims 1b, 2a
Web survey #2 (months 6–9)   All, separately 20–30 min $30  
Delphi Round 2     Aim 1a
Ratings of characteristics of financing strategies from compilationb     Aims 1b, 2a
Focus groups (months 4–5, months 10–11)    60 min $50 per group Aim 2a
Semi-structured protocol All three types together    
PSAT, PRESS All, separately    
  Intentions to sustain Service agency reps    
  Documents for review Service agency reps    
Webinar    Up to 120 min $100 Aim 2b
  Delphi Round 3 (live voting) All project participants     
  Participatory modeling exercise  together    
Field notes (training notes, coaching log, etc.) Service agency reps As relevant n/a Aims 1b, 2a
  1. Note. aSee Fig. 1 for details of the project aims and how they relate to each other. bRefers to the previously published compilation [69] incorporated into the fiscal mapping process. AFSS Agency Financial Status Scales [104], ICS Implementation Climate Scale [105], PSAT Program Sustainability Assessment Tool [56], PRESS Provider REport of Sustainment Scale [106]