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Table 1 Study timeline for participant procedures

From: Assessing Causal Pathways and Targets of Implementation Variability for EBP use (Project ACTIVE): a study protocol

  Study period
Time point Enrollment Time 1 (post-training) Time 2 (3 months post-training) Time 3 (6 months post-training) Time 4 (optional)
 Consent to contact x     
 Informed consent x     
 CBT Knowledge Quiz   x    
 Clinician demographics   x    
 CBT intentions   x x x  
 CBT attitudes   x   x  
 CBT norms   x    
 CBT self-efficacy   x    
 Implementation Climate Scale   x    
 Organizational Social Context Measure   x    
 Recorded therapy session coded with CTRS    x x  
 Organizational Resources    x x  
 Clinician Caseload    x x  
 Adapted TIB Scale    x x  
 CBT Use Self-Report    x x  
 Qualitative Interview      x
  1. Note. CBT = Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, CTRS = Cognitive Therapy Rating Scale, TIB = Treatment Interfering Behavior