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Table 2 Observational checklist measures

From: An implementation research programme to support an intravenous iron intervention for pregnant women with moderate and severe anaemia in Malawi: study protocol

Infrastructure including diagnostic capacity Condition of facilities
• Dedicated waiting room
• Private consultation room
• Available hygienic space to deliver IV iron
Access to pathology laboratories
• On-site
• Off-site
Services including equipment Staff training
• Identification
• Screening
• Diagnosis/tests
• Treatment
• Education and counselling
• Audit and monitoring
Staffing Staffing for screening, administration, and safety monitoring
• Roles and responsibilities of healthcare workers
Quality of record-keeping
• Medical record system
• Data collection
• Audit and monitoring
• Women’s health passport
Medicines and commodities Supply chain and availability of consumables
• Forecasting
• Procurement
• Distribution
• Storage
• Disposal