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Table 1 Study intervention: nurses will perform three geriatric screening assessments that direct the need for geriatrician, pharmacist, PT, and case manager evaluations

From: Study protocol for IMAGE: implementing multidisciplinary assessments for geriatric patients in an emergency department observation unit, a hybrid effectiveness/implementation study using the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research

Step 1: AssessmentStep 2: If assessment is positive
Delirium triage screen [39]98% sensitive for ruling out delirium.
Time 10 s.
1. Physician administers CAM ICU. If positive, geriatrics consult ordered.
3. Delirium precautions.
Four-Stage Balance Test [40]Balance test that improves identification of older adults in the ED at risk for fall.
Time 40 s
1. Fall precautions.
2. Physical therapy consult.
3. Case manager home safety evaluation
4. Geriatrics consult.
Identifying Seniors at Risk [41]6 questions on ability to care for self, memory, and medication.
Time 90 s
1. Pharmacy consult if ≥ 5 medications.
2. Case management consult if score ≥ 2.
3. Geriatrics consult if score ≥ 2.