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Table 5 Progress on strategy execution

From: Ready, set, go!: exploring use of a readiness process to implement pharmacy services

Site Readiness strategy used Progress
1 Build data management system to monitor progress and outcomes (excel spreadsheet, then integration with EPIC) In progress
Identify champion to promote service through discussion with leadership Complete
Leverage champion to develop a billing pathway in order to bill for the service In progress
Leverage champion to help prepare for implementation Complete
Identify team members responsible for readiness and implementation Complete
Determine expectations for selecting a service through meetings with leadership (CMM or opioid tapers) Complete
Educate clinic staff about the service through meetings In progress
Educate staff about their role in service delivery through meetings In progress
Engage coach to support readiness process Complete
Communicate with peers outside of the organization to learn about billing pathways used by providers implementing this service In progress
2 Build data management system as a way to monitor progress and outcomes by creating template in EPIC to capture and report on data for the service In progress
Develop a financial plan to sustain the initiative by engaging with leadership and hiring an FTE In progress
Develop workflow for service after reviewing current best practices in heart failure Complete
3 Use of pilot data to increase buy-in from leadership for scaling service In progress
Develop and present a scalability plan showcasing pilot data to obtain additional financial resources through presentations and meetings with leadership In progress
Obtain feedback and support from leadership on priority for scalability of the service through meetings and presentation of pilot data In progress
Train resident on data collection process through meetings and training materials Not addressed
4 Engage implementation team through online training and showcasing of positive patient stories to obtain buy-in for the selected service In progress
Develop workflow to integrate new service after completing driver diagram In progress
Develop training on workflow to get staff confident with service delivery In progress
Optimize staffing to maximize efficiencies by transitioning roles and responsibilities to mitigate staff turnover In progress
5 Develop process for tracking patient data Not addressed
Develop a referral process for pharmacy service by creating referral form for primary care physicians In progress
Optimize staffing to maximize efficiencies by modifying roles and responsibilities to allow pharmacist to focus on billable services In progress
6 Use pilot data for gaining approval from partnering health plan for payment model Complete
Create workflow to meet the capacity needed to reach a larger high-risk patient population In progress
Develop a payment/billing methodology Complete
Brainstorm promotional messaging for internal marketing materials with pharmacy managers to increase pharmacist engagement In progress
Deliver promotional messaging to pharmacists through program champions (i.e., pharmacists on board) In progress
7 Determine priority for service by reaching out to new leadership once identified (in midst of merger) In progress
Continue to deliver pharmacy service and collect data to showcase value to new leadership once identified (in midst of merger) In progress
8 Build data management system as a way to monitor patient progress and outcomes by partnering with IT In progress
Create and disseminate marketing materials through multiple avenues of communication (e.g., mailing lists, media outlets) to increase patient and provider engagement in the service Not addressed
Develop a centralized repository for patient information by partnering with IT In progress