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Table 5 Content dimension

From: Implementation fidelity and acceptability of an intervention to improve vaccination uptake and child health in rural India: a mixed methods evaluation of a pilot cluster randomized controlled trial

Key components Activities for selected villages Tasks of each planned activity Planned activity Implemented activity % fidelity achieved
Community mobilization (face-to-face strategy)
Large introductory meeting (a) First contact with the community leader to get permission.
(b) To visit each target household to invite them to the meeting
(c) Collected mobile numbers from the target households
(d) Collected mobile numbers of the people who wish to receive more health information through the platform.
(e) Invite ASHA and AWW to participate in the big meeting
(f) Paint a wall with the logo and the number TV
(g) Pasted TV poster in the villages
(h) TV team gave their introduction to community in the introductory meetings
(i) Demonstration about how to access the TV platform
(j) Distribution the stickers (sheets) with information on the TV phone number
(k) Street play
13 11 84.6%
Small group meetings (a). To visit each target household to invite them to the small group meetings
(b) To collect mobile numbers from the target households who wish to receive health information through the platform (This activity was done only during 1st and 2nd small group meetings)
(c) To visit ASHA and AWW workers to invite them for small group meetings
(d) Wall painting the logo and the number TV in the villages
(e) To Paste TV poster in the villages
(f) Our team also collected information about newborn children during 1st and 2nd small group meeting.
Small group activities:
(g) Introduction activity with the meeting participants
(h) Use a guide sheet to know the experiences and the perception of the community regarding the TV Intervention and participants attending.
(i) To play reminder capsule or straight content and then TV team discussed these capsules with the participants.
(j) TV number demonstration
(k) To distribute TV number slips
GD #1
GD #1
GD #1
GD #2
GD #2
GD #2
GD #3
GD #3
GD #3
Messages via mobile phone (mHealth strategy)
“Pushed” edutainment and summary capsules - Transmit 13 educational capsules and 13 reminder messages during implementation period 26 26 100%
Vaccination “reminders” -Reminder messages for each target family to remember vaccination period 184 122 66.3%
‟On-demand” free-of-cost access via mobile phone to content through the IVR portal -The entire population was invited to participate spontaneously to dial the number to obtain information on the different capsules