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Table 2 Family questionnaire measures recommended to implementing partners

From: Evaluating the dissemination and scale-up of two evidence-based parenting interventions to reduce violence against children: study protocol

Domain Source Respondents
Parents of young children Parents of adolescents Adolescents
Demographics Selected details (e.g., age, gender, education)
Involved parenting Alabama Parenting Questionnaire involved parenting subscale [53]
Parental monitoring Alabama Parenting Questionnaire parental monitoring subscale [53]
Child behavior Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire [54]
Child mental health Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire [54] N/A N/A
Harsh discipline ISPCAN Child Abuse Screening Tool [55, 56]
Parenting stress Parenting Stress Scale [57] N/A
Acceptability of corporal punishment Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey item [58] N/A
Parental depression Centre for Epidemiological Studies-Depression [59] N/A
Risk avoidance Risk avoidance planning scale (Developed specifically for Sinovuyo Teen intervention, based on [60]
Economic strengthening Family financial coping scale (Developed specifically for Sinovuyo Teen intervention, based on [61,62,63]
Parental support of education Parental Support for Education Scale [64]
  1. Note: The table presents the most comprehensive version of the questionnaires (“long”). The questionnaires are available on the study’s OSF page