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Table 2 Implementation of ChIP timeline, monitoring, and stakeholder roles

From: Implementation strategy fidelity evaluation for a multidisciplinary Chest Injury Protocol (ChIP)

Date What Who
18 October 2017 Policy online as draft for comment ED CNC
20 October 2017 Research nurse hired ED CNC/implementation team
23 October 2017 High-flow nasal cannula (HFNC) machines labelled with instructions ED CNC
October 2017 Filming for video by the implementation team Implementation team, staff from departments involved
25 October 2017 Item prepared for surgical staff newsletter ED CNC/implementation team
26 October 2017 Video Version 1 Implementation team
30 October 2017 Video Version 2
Training materials (including PowerPoint) developed
Chip packets for staff tearoom
Notices prepared for newsletter
Implementation team
31 October 2017 Organise dates and instructors for educational sessions for
- Ward
- ED
- Surgical registrars
- Anaesthetic
- Physiotherapists
Implementation team
6 November 2017 Implementation plan final
Draft emails for each department organised
Advertising flyers prepped
Implementation team
7 November 2017 Final version of ChIP video completed and uploaded to YouTube channel Implementation team
7 November 2017 Email went out to all staff, managers
Except site 2
Implementation team/managers
13 November 2017 Premature ChIP activation at site 1, went smoothly ED staff
15 November 2017 Incentive spirometers ordered ED CNC
16 November 2017 Discussion re role of ICU liaison:
- Education for ward, switch, and bed manager
- Audit switch pagers and check compliance
- Ensure education for new surgical/ICU and anaesthetic registrars is sustainable, will incorporate ChIP into hospital orientation sessions.
Implementation team
20 November 2017 Stakeholders approve policy
Organise educational sessions to be delivered
Stakeholders—executives, managers, etc.
Fisher & Paykel
Implementation team
21 November 2017 11 new pagers programmed and tested with all of their existing capcodes plus the new capcode allocated for 880 Implementation team
22 November 2017 Go live date  
22 November 2017 First patient has ChIP activated at site 2 (without electronic medical record being active)  
23 November 2017 Consult Clinical Pathway order for ChIP is available in FirstNet for site 2  
23 November 2017 Contract for casual RN (clinical champion) processed  
27-28 November 2017 Based on feedback:
- PowerPoint presentation edited to include how to chart HFNP
- Videos updated—both updated to include patient education, incentive spirometer, how to chart HFNC
- A dedicated ‘cheat sheet’ algorithm for site 2 as their notification process is different
Implementation team
30 November 2017 Queries from surgical staff regarding charting of HFNC and observations  
4 December 2017 15 educational sessions more provided this week
ChIP in nursing grand rounds this week
Some issues with HFNC being charted to medication chart—education regarding same
Implementation team
5 December 2017 Switched incentive spirometers to volume-driven devices Physiotherapy/implementation team
1 February 2018 44 ChIP notifications since November  
6 February 2018 Fact sheet for patients and contacts at site 2 added to electronic medical record (emailed 27/11/17) Implementation team
  1. Abbreviations: ChIP Chest Injury Protocol, CNC clinical nurse consultant, ED emergency department, eMR electronic medical record, ICU intensive care unit