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Table 1 Examples of stage activities in the UniSIC

From: Rates of sustainment in the Universal Stages of Implementation Completion

Stages Activities
Stage 1 Engagement
 1.02 Date of interest indicated
 1.03 Date agreed to consider implementation
Stage 2 Feasibility
 2.01 Date of first site planning contact
 2.03 Date that the Feasibility Questionnaire is completed
Stage 3 Readiness planning
 3.03 Date of recruitment review
 3.07 Date of written implementation plan completed
Stage 4 Staff hired and trained
 4.01 Date that first clinical staff is hired
 4.02 Date that the program supervisor is trained
Stage 5 Fidelity monitoring
 5.01 Date that fidelity system training is held
 5.04 Date that the IT technician is identified
Stage 6 Services and intervention/services consultation begin
 6.01 Date of the first client served
 6.03 Date of the first clinical team and/or supervision meeting fidelity review
Stage 7 Ongoing service delivery and fidelity monitoring
 7.01 Date of the first site visit
 7.07 Date of program fidelity assessment
 7.11 Date that key supervision activities meet the fidelity threshold
Stage 8 Competency
 8.02 Date that site is certified competent
 8.04 Date first supervisor certified