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Table 2 CFIR domains and the associated clusters

From: Nurses’ perceptions on implementing a task-shifting/sharing strategy for hypertension management in patients with HIV in Nigeria: a group concept mapping study

CFIR domains Associated cluster themes
Inner setting: features of the healthcare system within which TASSH is implemented • Human resources
• Teamwork/proper referrals
• Equipment
• Outreach
Outer setting: the external context to the settings where TASSH is being implemented • Incentives for nurses
• Provision of primary health care access
• Adequate provision of drugs
Intervention characteristics: features of the proposed intervention • Training health workers on management of [HTN related] HIV
• Ensuring proper patient counseling/education
• Health education
• Proper training of nurses on components of the intervention
Individuals involved: characteristics of participants involved in the implementation • Monitoring their [patient] BP